Protect Yourself From Black Soot In Port Harcourt

Black soot on hand

Hand Stained with Black soot

Everyone seeks to breathe in fresh air but when the air is no longer fresh, you have to seek ways to protect yourself. The air in Rivers state, Nigeria is heavily doped with black soot which is dangerous to health. Many have attributed the air pollution to smoke from refineries, illegal bunkering activities etc. While we wait on the government to investigate and act accordingly to eradicate this air pollution, read ways in which you can protect yourself and your family until the storm settles.

1. Home Care

Professional Cleaner

  • Clean home regularly

Dust and soot settle readily on surfaces in the home such as table tops, shelves, upholstery etc. You must clean regularly to keep your home free from black soot. Regular cleaning can be rigorous. You can subscribe to a regular home cleaning plan with a Professional cleaning company.

  • Isolate channels of soot ingress
    Identify areas where dust penetrates your home like windows and doors. It will be best to use Air conditioners but where it is unavailable and you ever have to keep your windows open to get air, ensure you have a blind or curtain to help reduce inflow of black soot. Close all windows and doors when no one is at home or when on long vacations.
  • Keep items in the right places
    When you leave things lying around, soot will settle on them and some of them may be difficult to clean e.g. electronics such as laptops, music players etc.

2. Personal Care

hand washing

Wash your hands

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and clean water

Your hand is the  of your body with the highest exposure and trust me you have no idea how frequently you touch dusty surfaces on daily basis as you go about your normal business such as hand rails, tables, sink taps, etc

  • Take a shower 

Take a shower morning and evening to wash off any deposit of fine particles of soot on your body

  • Cover Food and drinks properly

Do not serve food and drink unless you’re ready to ingest immediately otherwise ensure they are properly covered especially if you’ll get back to them much later. Wash  your kitchen and eating utensils before and after use.

  • Use a nose mask

Use face or nose masks especially for areas where the soot is densely concentrated or if your work conditions expose you to the black soot in high concentrations.

3. Care for Clothes

Take care of your clothes

Ensure your closet or wardrobes are closed at all times except when in use. You don’t want to pick your shirt the following morning only to discover it’s stained with soot. Be careful where you hang your clothes to dry. Don’t leave them out for too long in the open. Some washing machines have dryers but not all clothes are suitable for machine drying. Change bed covering regularly especially when you can obviously see the soot settle on them.




4. Care for children

Clean toys regularly

Children are the most exposed because many of them cannot care for themselves especially babies. Keep play areas clean. This is very important especially for babies that move around a lot. Clean their toys regularly and Instruct older ones not to put things in their mouth

5. Care for cars

Parked car


Wash your car regularly to keep black soot away after a day’s ride. Cover up cars that will not be in use for a long time. It best to use your car air conditioner while driving so you can close your windows and prevent black soot from entering.



6. Speak up

speak up

Join the campaign trail to eradicate black soot in Port Harcourt. Let your voice be heard. You can share this post on your favourite social media to help others protect themselves while we wait on the government. We shall overcome

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  • Mogaji Tolulope

    Thanks a whole lot Mozera for the update and insight. Safety, they say is everyone’s responsibility. It pays to create a safe environment regardless of the surrounding circumstance.

    • admin

      Thank you for your feedback. We shall overcome

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